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ESXi Whitebox

I did a lot of research recently to build a Vmware ESXi whitebox server. I wanted to build an ESXi server to learn about Vmware as well as have all the virtual machines run 24/7. With the File Server, I have to stop the Virtual Machines running because of the Macrium Backup, which is extremely annoying.

My basic requirements are :

  • Low power usage, because it will run 24/7.
  • Easy administration
  • 5 or 6 hard drives
  • Run all my virtual machines

The two best ressources I found are :

Update 1/14/15: I bought 32 GB of Ram for the ESXi server to be able to run a lot more virtual machines.

The server has the following parts :

Cost: 945 $

Here are some pictures :


Vmware Workstation

I wanted to write a short post about Vmware Workstation . This is an amazing piece of software that enables you to virtualize different operating systems. The way it works is you create a virtual machine for your specific OS, allocate ressources from your computer, install the OS, and here you go.

Here is a screenshot of the virtual machines on my file server for now :