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Macrium Backup

I did a lot of research to find a reliable and easy solution for backup software, and my requirements were pretty basic, I want the file server to backup the OS partition to a dedicated hard drive on the file server, and the other computers in the house to backup via the network to the file server.I wanted also an easy way to write scripts for automated scheduled backup as well as emails in case the backups failed.

I was absolutely not going to backup in the cloud. It is very expensive for what it is, I do not trust most of those services for long-term service, price, sensitivity of the information or encryption.

I thought that my journey to find a good and reliable backup software would be a lot easier, it was anything but easy.

I read several articles on the internet and discarded rbackup and associated Linux solutions immediately because I couldn’t find a nice GUI. I then focused my attention on the Windows based solution to backup my Windows machines.

Norton was out of the question for obvious reasons.

I was very interested by Acronis True Image, but I soon become disillusioned… I installed it in a virtual machine (Thanks Vmware Workstation) and realized very quickly that the software had some fatal flaws. I had a really hard uninstalling this software, and the backup all the time feature is the best way to crash your backup. I then read the stories on the Acronis forums, and it is full of stories of backup that when used at the critical time just didn’t work. I would have been extremely frustrated.

I tried also Paragon Backup And Recovery Home, it looked very good but i got very disappointed with a lacking feature : the easy creation of scripts to automate the backups.

I, then tried Macrium Reflect Backup and this software had all my requirements. Macrium has a very nice GUI, as well as the possiblity to schedule backups very easily and it creates the scripts and sends emails if the backup fails. I personally choose to save the backup definition files on the hard drive where the backups are stored. Here are a couple of screenshots :