Monthly Archives: May 2016

Wifi Router Update

Following the death of my old Linksys router WRT610N bought in 2008, I had to buy a new WiFi router. I started my research and it became quite clear that Wifi had significantly evolved since 2008. My old WRT610N was a draft 802.11n router.

Linksys is not the brand it used to be, it was sold off by Cisco and has been on the sleeping slide for a while.

There are many new routers, and the interface of most routers has changed significantly.

I wanted to buy a good router which was going to be compatible with the new ac norm.

I looked on the Internet the reviews of potential routers, and a lot of them were disappointing to me as either features were missing, or managed directly by the router without the possibility to change them. On top of that, some routers were really expensive, above the 200$ range for a questionable reliability and lifetime (Asus routers…).

I stumbled on the Archer C7 from TP-Link and it met the features I wanted to see in a router. One of the bonus was that it was possible to do a WDS bridge to bridge two routers and have only one network. This was going to be a big plus with the servers being upstairs connected to one, and the other router connected to the Google Fiber box.

A couple of days later, I stumbled across the excellent website The Wirecutter, and I  looked at which router they were recommending. Their recommendation after extensive testing was the Archer C7 in order to get the best signal, and the price for the Archer C7 was very reasonable 90$.

Bottom line, I ended up buying two Archer C7. I have been very happy with them, and they have been running for three years now without a hitch, under very heavy use, Plex streaming, massive file copy (several TBs), etc.