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ESXi Whitebox

I did a lot of research recently to build a Vmware ESXi whitebox server. I wanted to build an ESXi server to learn about Vmware as well as have all the virtual machines run 24/7. With the File Server, I have to stop the Virtual Machines running because of the Macrium Backup, which is extremely annoying.

My basic requirements are :

  • Low power usage, because it will run 24/7.
  • Easy administration
  • 5 or 6 hard drives
  • Run all my virtual machines

The two best ressources I found are :

Update 1/14/15: I bought 32 GB of Ram for the ESXi server to be able to run a lot more virtual machines.

The server has the following parts :

Cost: 945 $

Here are some pictures :



I was looking for a way to automate my file downloads with cloud based file hosting services. I searched for a windows tool and did not find what I wanted. None of the softwares had the features I was looking for. I was looking for a software where I could create a text file with the hyperlinks and I would download the files on it own. In case of captchas, it could send me an email or download the picture so that I could access it not via the webpage and answer it. I stumbled across Plowshare by pure chance.

Plowshare4 is a linux script software that can accept a text file with hyperlinks and go and download the files on its own. It is a great tool because it also has incorporated many file hosting providers as well as the waiting periods between files, so once you have created the text file, you can let Plowshare work on its own. It is of course not true in the case of a file hosting service that uses captcha for validation. Plowshare4 actually downloads the captcha image for validation and let you enter the text for validation in command line. I could have written a script to let me know when a captcha image has been downloaded and send to me via email for validation. An other option would be to use a captcha solver. For now, I validate the captchas manually. I installed Plowshare4 in my Kubuntu virtual machine, and it is working like a charm.

A couple of examples:

$ plowdown
$ plowdown -m file_with_links.txt